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Shade :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 1 0 Glitched Up Life :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 3 0 Kit the Uncommon Protogen :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 4 0 Glitch no. 083 :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 4 0 Hexgon the Protogen :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 5 0 Blue :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 2 0 H. C Mead :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 3 1 Weird Creature thing :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 1 0 Vent Art :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 0 0 Free Art Dump :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 2 0 Commission- Eve :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 1 0 Cheshire Cat Plushie :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 2 0 Steampunk Workshop (still life) :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 1 0 Trap Door 1 :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 3 0 Demon Johnny (JtHM) :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 2 0 Anxiety :iconthe-black-catt:the-black-catt 1 2


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :icona7xsparx:A7XSparx 78 9 COM - Ephrithus :iconshaiger:Shaiger 26 2 True Goth (Firewing Timeline) :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 15 8 True Goth (Freedom) :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 14 7 True Goth (Imprisoned) :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 21 18 The Bear Hug! :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 36 17 Stalker - Vampyrum spectrum obitus :iconquantumcontinuum:QuantumContinuum 6 0 Cassiel Silverwing :iconsunnythehedgehog:SunnytheHedgehog 18 6 Shade and Cassiel silverwings: finally together :iconshalialove:Shalialove 11 31 Two Sides of a Coin :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 51 187 (TRADE) Father and Daughter :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 28 24 Uncle Goth's Visit :iconcasualgamerartist:CasualGamerArtist 44 16 Zotz :iconlilgrimmapple:lilgrimmapple 33 43 Goth and Phoenix :iconshade-silverwing:Shade-SilverWing 89 63 Request - Vampyrum Family :iconshade-silverwing:Shade-SilverWing 105 49 Request - Won't let you go... :iconshade-silverwing:Shade-SilverWing 45 18


I forgot to upload this guy. The angry coffee fulled, hate filled fluff ball, Shade the Wickerbeast, (I got him from an adopt)
He is my spirit animal when it comes to mornings 
Kit the Uncommon Protogen

My first uncommon Protogen; KIT (as in Med kit) 
He's the medical specialist for humans and protogens, taking care of both, while also tinkers and repairs limbs for the protogens. 
He's friends with Hexagon (who works in the security part of their group) and enjoys annoying him and hanging out with him. He's shy but can get loud and over the top when with Hexagon.

He likes to decorate his armour (including vambraces) with fake blood decals, and his brow with spikes as well as dying the tips of his mane red. And a bracelet on his tail
The screens on the sides of his head display a patients' heart rate, while the right shoulder is the heart beat, and the left shoulder is the blood pressure
Base belongs to :iconhydeykins: (I'm sorry I keep tagging you)

Glitch no. 083

My 3rd Common Protgen (I haven't uploaded the artwork of my first design, but this is the 3rd design)
His name is glitch. I imagine several people have a similar idea. So he is Glitch no 083.

He was banished to the junk yard, after an accident resulting in the equivelant of a concussion, causing his expressions to constantly glitch out and his movements jittery. Now useless he was discarded and now spends his days roaming the dump/junk yard living off of cockroaches and rats.
After so much time his shiny white metal surface has started to rust and dust covers his fur
Despite his rusted appearance he is rather friendly and communicates through a series of beeps, whirrs and whoops. 
Despite his glitch he can still display being both angry and sad.
(don't know if the bio was super necassary but meh)

Again the base belongs to :iconhydeykins: and Glitch and edits by me

Hexgon the Protogen
I'm proud to present my second protogen fursona, (first finsihed) Hexagon!
The colours are inspired by the game super hexagon, and you can see the hexagon LEDS on his eyes and mouth

They like gaming, and dubstep, and dancing while being an IT geek and managing security and systems on a ship (not the best story but it's a wip)
Base created by :iconhydeykins: 
It might not be that big of a deal, but I finally hit 10 watchers! Woo! I'm moving up in the world

Thanks to everyone :happybounce:     

:iconclockworklink: :iconmisskitkatmadness: :iconteag-fann: :icondragonessi: :iconprettyartist4: :iconvertigothewolf: :iconmsvalentines: :iconkasepen: :iconoonawingedwolf: :iconneuro-mirage:

(Here's hoping the tagging worked)


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2009, I just found a link. Wow! I do not remember Tim Curry being in it! I love it so much I really wish I could find it on DVD. Apparently you can buy it on Amazon but I'm not overly fond of buying stuff online. And you bowed! Nice people! on the internet! Who could have guessed! *curtseys* 
MindLikeAGrenade Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Student General Artist
I haven't (yet) watched it, but I have seen the cover.  I'm almost paranoid, when it comes to buying online, I need to be 100% sure, I still consider not to make an order.  
And there is lots of very polite and likable people here, sadly not as many of them are the same in real life. At least in my point of view. 
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